Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Teach Your Children to Smell the Roses!!!"

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     I admonish you to take time to smell the roses and then I admonish you to take time to teach your children to smell the roses of life!!! Smelling the roses is my way of saying, "enjoy life!!!" Life is much to short and taking the time to enjoy your life and teaching your children to enjoy their lives is truly a blessing that keeps on giving!!!  Life is much too short to miss the opportunities to "smell the roses!!!"
     You really do deserve a break today!!! So take the me you have the smell and enjoy the roses!  When you are metaphorically speaking ,"smelling the roses"....notice the intricate beauty of each petal, notice the richness of the color, notice the contrast of colors, feel the softness of each petal, notice the fragility, yet strength of the petals, notice the green supple stem, even feel the prickly thorns! Look at the rose as if this was the first rose that you have seen!  Then teach you children about the rose!  For only God can make a rose and when you are teaching your children about roses teach them that God created roses because He loves us and He wants us to take the time to enjoy and savor his awesome creation!!!
  " Teach your children to smell the roses of life!!!"
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