Monday, January 3, 2011

"Establish A Line Of Communication Early With Your Children and Keep That Line Of Communication Open!"

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      Always establish a line of communication with your children!  Please establish this line of communication when your children are very young and hopefully when they are in those dreaded teen years, they will still talk to you!!!
     It is so very important to let your children know that you love them and that you love them unconditionally!!!! Please let them know that no subject is off limits!  Yes, you have to open every door when you are conversing with kids!!!  Let them know that you would prefer them to learn the information from you instead of a another teenager who is clueless!!!
      My sons and I have great rapport!  There have been times when we have been talking and since there isn't a subject that is off limits, we talk about anything and everything! Yes, they are teenagers but they feel comfortable talking to me because they know that I love them unconditionally!!!    They have even been driven to the point of saying ,"Mom, stop! TMI!   Then we all laugh!  It brings me immeasurable joy to have lines of communication open with my children!  Experience the joy of establishing a line of communication and keeping the line of communication open for a lifetime!
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