Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Sacrifice! Our Children Deserve the Best That We Have to Give"

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    Our children deserve the best that we have to give!  They deserve the best of our time, energy, finances, and love.  They deserve the accolades that they receive for just being alive.  They deserve unconditional  love, attention, and affection.  You have to remember that they did not ask to come here!  We started them on this journey and it is our job to walk with them and care for them and to love them with all of our hearts, minds, bodies and souls!!!
    Make the sacrifice, show the love and wait...give it a moment... and watch that love retun to you a thousand fold!!!!
   May God bless you and keep you, your family and your children!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"For the Love of Children!"

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      I admonish parents to put their hearts, bodies, minds and souls into loving their children!!!  The loving investments that you make in you children lives is returned to you with dividends!  Children need unconditional love and lots and lots of love!  They want to show  you how much they love you so allow them to express themselves!  Remember you are the great beneficary of their love and affection!!!
     Show your love to your children! Do this for the love of children and they will return the love to you!
All Comments Are Welcomed!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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     Do you know how important a simple smile can be?  Do you have any clue how much a smile warms the heart of the recipient?  Do you know you can change the atmosphere in a cold room when you warm the room up with your smile?  Do you know how important a smile is to your child?
      Our children so often guage the world based on how their  parents feel and when we show the world favor...They show the world favor.  When we are negative /They are so often negative!
      Therefore, know that it is important to smile and show your children that it is okay to have a positive attitude and enjoy life!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"God Smiles!"

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     I truly believe that every time we hug, kiss, and tell our children that we love them...God smiles!
I truly believe that God picks and chooses His children and parents well. I believe that joy is reflected back to us when we are obedient and we treat our children with the love and respect that they deserve!
      Make it a priority to love, hug, kiss, and tell our children that we love them and then stand back and watch God smile!  Do not be blinded by the pure light of His smile! :)
      Do you believe that God smiles when we adults love on our children?  I know He does!
Try Him and see!

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Are Your Children Saved?"

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     My poignant question for today is, "Are your children saved?  It is very important for your child to be saved!  Accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is one of the best, most exciting, and awesome decisions that a person  can make!  Let's face it, you really want to see your children again!
   I admonish you to sit  down and talk to your children about God and Jesus.  They need to know that God  loves them and will never leave or forsake them and they really need to know they will never be alone.  You children must also be told that Salvation is truly a gift frim God.
    We know that this is a divine appointment! I have faith that you will talk to your childre and  give the greatest gift (Salvation) today!  I know that  Salvation can be only poured into a willing vessel!  Encourage you children to be willing vessels!!!!
       Time is of the essence and tomorrow may be too late....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Pray for Your Children's Health!!!"

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    Please always pray for your children's health!  When you have your health you  are truly blessed and when your children are healthy you are more than blessed!    Children deserve the best of everything, especially health!  Do whatever it takes to insure your children's health but, keep prayer at the top of your list!  There is no reason to be unhealthy because Jesus took all of the sicknesses to the cross!!!  Therefore, we do not have to endure diseases or sicknessess because Jesus bore those awful things on the cross!!!
     Pray for your children's health, plead the blood of Jesus over them and then walk in faith that they will be healthier and happier!  All you have to do is trust and believe!!!
       Write me and let me know how often  you pray for your children's health.  If you have not prayed for your children's health please write and tell me why not.   I would love to hear from each and everyone of you!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do You Tell Your Chidren that You Love Them On A Daily Basis? Why or Why Not?

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    Do you tell your children that you love them every day?  Why do you do this or why aren't you doing this?  I tell my children every day that I love them.  I know that these three magical words have power!  They tell the most important people in your life that you truly love and care for them no matter what is happening or not happening!  Your children need these words!  They face so many pressures in their young lives and they are trying to feel their way through this maze called life!  They are trying to find their way and they need to know that they can depend on their parents for love, guidance, affection, kindness, consideration, support and understanding!  If you can not depend on your parents, who can you depend on? God is the only other real source of unconditional love.
     Please tell your children how much God loves them because when we are there and /or when we are not there they need to depend on God!  He will not leave them or foresake them! Guess what?  GOD LOVES OUR CHILDREN EVEN MORE THAN WE DO!
    Write me and let me know if you tell your children that you love them every day and also include whether you tell them that God loves them.  Write me and tell me if you do not tell your children that God and you love them  and please tell me why you choose not to do this.  Your children need to know that God and you love them!  This is a priority!  Tell them today!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Are You Being A Good Parent?"

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     I recently wrote a blog about my friend who was talking to God and she asked God, "Why is it is so hard to be a  parent?"  God answered  and said "It is not hard to be a parent, it is hard to be a good parent!"  My question is a poignant question?  Why are you not being a "good" parent? "What is keeping you from loving your children?  Are you that stressed?  Talk to me get it off your chest!    I want to hear from parents and I want to hear it all... I want to hear reasons why you are not being  good parents and I want to hear the reasons why some of you are being  good parents.
     There will be many revelations because no matter how you feel, you are not alone and maybe just maybe the parents who are not being good parents, can learn from the parents who are being good parents.
I am looking forward to your responses! Be Blessed

Thursday, April 1, 2010

All Comments Are Welcomed! Talk To Me Followers!

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"Why Is It So Hard to Be A Parent?"

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     One day one of my friends was talking to God and she asked, "God why is it so hard to be a mother?"  God answered her and said, "It is not hard to a mother, it is hard to be a "good" mother.  I admonish you to realize,  that it is not hard to be a parent,  but it is hard to be a "good" parent!

"Our Children Are Not Our Children!"

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    Our children are not our children!  They belong to our Father in heaven.  Our children are only lent to us to care for them and to nurture them.  God is their Father and no one, not even mothers love their children as much as God loves them.  He knows every hair on their heads!  That is why it is so very important to teach children about God and Jesus. The knowledge will surely improve the quality and quantity of our lives and our children's lives.  Parents used to spend a lot of time teaching their children about God and now this is almost a thing of the past!  I want parents to teach their children more about God and now truly is the time!  The world needs strong enlightened Christians!
       Who do you think takes care of our children 24/7 even when we are in and out  in their vicinity?  It is God our Father!  The all-knowing, omnipotent Father is truly an awesome God! Realize that He is the best parent they could ever have!
      So nurture the precious lives  that God has graciously allowed you to oversee.  Give them all the love you can muster up and present them back to our Father and know that God loves us and our children more than words can say and He will bless you and your family in return!!!