Monday, January 24, 2011

"Be Your Children's Number One Cheerleader!"

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      Recently I attended a January Band Festival for High School Students and I was so impressed with the students and band directors work ethics and the quality of music that I heard at the performance.  However, there was a beautiful little girl practicing her cheers in the same building where my son was rehearsing. Just seeing this litle cheerleader touched my heart!
Imagine this I had  walked  up 3 flights of stairs and as I stepped off the last stair. I saw the petite cheerleader!  She was jumping, cheering, smiling,  waving her pom poms and laughing !  She was in heaven!  She made me feel less tired and  I then  I was energized! She was with her coach and they showed me her routine.  I was in heaven as I watched this little one spread her joy!
    We should all be our children's cheerleaders!  We should be jumping, cheering, waving our pom poms and  laughing , having fun with our children.  If we don't do these things for our children...who will?
"Be Your Children's Number One Cheerleader!!!
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