Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Give Your Children Unconditional Everlasting Love!"

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     Give your children unconditonal everlasting love!  Show them how much you love them each & every day!  Teach them about love by treating them the way that they are supposed to be treated! 
Children are your gifts from heaven and they should be treated that way! Shower them with your love!  Kiss and love on them often!  They are your gifts and they are the best of you and your husband or wife!
    Here's the best part of giving your children unconditional everlasting love...your children will usually return the favor!!!  Everyone receives blessings when unconditonal everlasting love is given!!! It is a "win-win situation!   Make you and your family winners!
Be Blessed In Your Endeavors to Bestow Unconditional Everlasting Love on Your Children!!!
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