Friday, December 31, 2010

Love You Forever!

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    Here is a wonderful gift for  for ALL Seasons!  The wonderful irresistible book by Robert Munsch, "Love You Forever!"  I have enjoyed this little jewel of a book for many years and this book still brings tears to my eyes when I think of the story line.
     It is a story of a mother's love for her son and no matter what he does, she sings a song to him, "Love you forever, like you for always as long as you are living my baby you will be."  The book follows the son from infancy until he is a grown man and at the point, when this son has become a wonderful young man you really see the magic of the mother-son relationship.
     This magic is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes!!!  I encourage you to purchase this book during any Season for you and your children, boy or girl!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Click Your Heels Dorothy! You Already Have All That You Need to Succeed!!!"

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     Click your heels Dorothy!  You already have all that you need to succeed in being a good parent!  I want to share a great story about being a good parent, mother or father.  One day a dear friend of mine was praying and she asked God,  "God, why is it so difficult to be a mother?  My friend said God answered her and said, "It is not difficult to be a is difficult to be a good mother!!!  My friend, I agree it is not difficult to be a parent, it is difficult to be  good parent!  But please remember Dorothy, you have all that you need to be a great parent!
     You know as well as I do that love is an essential component  of being a good parent!  Show and tell your children how much you love them!  Can I say this any clearer?  Come on work with me people!!! We can afford to show our children the love they deserve!  They deserve all the love that we can give!   Give this love until it hurts!!!   The love that you receive in return will ease the pain!  I promise!
  So Dorothy, go on click your heels, you already have what you need to succeed as a good parent!!!
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"Happy Holidays!"
"Happy Happy New Year!"-"Another Great Year to Love Your Children!!!"

Monday, December 27, 2010

"Got Resolutions?"

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     Got Resolutions regarding loving your children?  It would be so awesome to resolve to love your children even more! Yes, love is something that you cannot give enough or receive enough!  Resolve to give your children more unconditional love and watch your lives improve!
     When you resolve to give your children more love, resolve to tell them and to show them more love!  You can do this!  Work with me people!  Your children need your love each and every day as much as they need oxygen to breathe and food to eat!!!  Give your children what they need most and they will return the awesome favor!
   Got Resolutions to love your children more?  Then implement these resolutions today!  There is no time like the present!!!
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Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil!!!"

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     Hi parents I pray that you are having a wonderful awesome fabulous holiday season! I admonish you to "See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil   with regards to your children.  First of all when you look at your children you should see pure joy!  They are your children!  They are your arrows that you will send forward into the future.  They are your babies, the ones that you held close to your bodies and loved on them even before they were born in most cases.  If your children are adopted they are very special also because you chose them!  This message is a message of love!  Love on your your children and see love ever time you are near them!  Improve your relationship with your children!
     Hear no evil!  When you hear your children's voices realize that there is no other sound in the world like your babies' voices! My children's voices are music to my ears and  I can pick my children's voices out of a room filled with young people!  My babies are now 15 and 17 and even though I treat and respect them like young men should be treated and respected...they will always be my babies  :0 !
     Speak no evil!  Please do not speak "evil" to your children!  I have no problem with discipline when when it is appropriate and minimal but do not verbally abuse your child!  Words can hurt, sting, damage, as much as hits!  Do not physically abuse your child either...that's a discussion for another time! But please do not use words to hurt your is tough enough for young people!!! Have you ever considered that?
   So please take this advice into the New Year and utilize it well.  Seeing no evil, hearing no evil and saying no evil will improve your relationship with your children! Tell me how priceless is a better relationship with your children?
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Friday, December 24, 2010

"While Visions Of Sugarplums Danced In Their Heads...."

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      This is not another discussion regarding whether parents should tell their children the truth about Santa Claus!   Less discussion of that topic, truly is more!  No  my message today borrows from the the famous poem, "Twas the Night Before Christmas," for a Reason."  I want to remind parents of traditions!  When I was little my sister, brother and I read this poem continuously.    My older sister and I even memorized the lines.  It brings back wonderful, fun memories of us reciting the lines.  We also had other tree trimming traditions and the opening of the presents at the crack of dawn traditions!  We cooked the greatest treats with our mother.  We laughed and played the whole time!  It was a joyous time and the memories will lasts forever!
     It is time to create wonderful traditons of your own or to continue the fabulous ones that you had.  Make these memories with your children and continue to love them and give them extraordinary memories that will last a lifetime.
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Merry Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Never Miss An Opportunity to Say, " I Love You!" and "Show Your Love!"

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   Always tell your children that you love them!  Always let them know that your love is unconditional!  Children must be told that they are loved and that they are treasured!   It is the parent's job to build their children's self-esteem.  It is the parent's job to show their children how much they love them!  Come on parents, work with me people! 
     You know how important it was to hear your parents tell you  and show you how much they loved you!  It meant the world to you!  If your parents did not tell you that they loved you, you know how much you missed!  Do not continue that family curse!  Change your family's modus operandi and show and tell your children  how much you love them!  Your reward is the awesome love that is returned to you!!!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Look Into Your Children's Eyes and See The Magic &Wonder of Christmas!

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     During the Christmas Season I admonish you to please take a look into your children's eyes and see the magic and wonder of Christmas!  Watch their eyes light up as they open their gifts, stare in wonder at the sparkling lights on the Christmas tree, as they thoroughly enjoy their Christmas treats and as they listen attentively to the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, Our Lord & Savior!
   I admonish you to see what they see, feel what they feel, touch what they touch, smell what they smell  and hear what they hear.  You know children experience Christmas with all of their senses!  Unlike adults, children know how to enjoy life! Have you played in an empty box lately?  So please look into your beloved children's  eyes, see the pure joy of the celebrations and enjoy the magic!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Tis The Season!"

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    "Tis the Season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ because Jesus is the Reason for the Season!  Tis the season to celebrate new birth and children!  Jesus is truly the greatest gift because He is our Lord and Savior and He is the reason we have the gift of eternal life available to us. 
      Please inform your children about the real reason we celebrate Christmas!  Let them know how much God loves us and the sacrifice He made in giving his only begotten Son!  Also let them know the sacrifice that Jesus made in dying for our sins!  He gave His life for us.  Are we worthy?  The answer is "No!"  But He gave his life anyway because He loved us and continues to love us!
    Tis the Season for many things but let's make sure that our children understand the real reason for the season!!!
"Be Blessed During the Christmas Season and Throughout The New Year!"

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Bake A Cake for Baby Jesus!"---- "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season!"

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     Since Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Our Savior, Jesus Christ, it is an awesome time to bake a birthday cake for Him!   It is a great way to introduce, reiterate  or reinforce the story of the birth of Christ to your children!  If you are celebrating the Christmas Holiday and you are not teaching your children about the real meaning of Christmas,the birth of Jesus Christ, you are doing an injustice!
   I admonish you to bake the best cake ever, put a few candles on the His birthday cake (we do not want a fire hazard : 0   ) and thank God for sending Jesus!  Let's face is all about Him and "The Greatest Gift" that he gave the world, "Eternal Life"
May God bless you and keep you during the Christmas Season and throughout the New Year!
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"To Believe in Santa or Not To Believe In Santa...That Is The ?"

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     Today I would love to hear other parents input about whether children should be taught to believe in  Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, St Nick, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas  or whatever you call that Jolly Old Elf!   What is your opinion and why do you believe that children should be or should not be told that there is a Santa Claus?  Think about this and give us your best answer! You may be surprised by the answers others people give and you may be amazed by your own opinion...but guess what we will all learn if we all present the information in a truthful succinct way!!!
  God bless you and remember "Jesus Is The Reason For the Season!"
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Bah Humbug! Should Children Be Told That Santa Claus is Coming To Town?"

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   Here's a wonderful controversial topic!  Should children be told that Santa Claus is coming to town on Christmas Eve?  I truly believe it is up to the parents to determine what their children should be told about Santa Claus!  It is so interesting that this decision was taken completely out of my hands!   When my oldest child was 7 years old, one of the teachers in his Christian School decided to tell all of her students that not only did Santa not exist but the name "Santa" and "Satan" had similar letters.  Was I upset? No, not really my 7 year old had basically done the Math and he figured out that Santa could not fit in every chimney and travel all around the world in one night!  But most importantly, he was okay with this information!  Because he was okay, my husband and I were okay!   Yes, the information could have been presented a little better...a lot better but there was no foul!!!
   I was 11 years old when my parents told me the truth!  I still waited for Old St. Nicklaus all night and quickly learned that my parents had lied.  No harm no foul, I loved them even though they had lied! I knew it was truly an act of love!
   I also know that "Jesus Is the Reason for the Season" and I know that I would admonish all parents to teach their children about Jesus!  As far as talking to children about Santa, the ball should always be in the parents court and they should make the decision!  I only want to emphasize that parents mus teach their children about the Birth of Christ because Christmas is truly all about HIM!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Jesus Is The Reason For the Season!
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Jesus Is the Reason For The Season!!!"

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"Talk To Me People!!!"

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"Happy Holidays!!!!"

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"To Spank Or Not To Spank?"

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    Tell me do you believe in spanking children in order to discipline them?  Yes this is a controversial topic and I am not one who will shy away from controversy!  I want to hear the opinion of others but I truly believe that this "Hot Topic"  must be handled on an individual basis.  You must know exactly who we are talking about parents and children!  These cases are highly individualized!!!
    Take for example my parents.  They were the most awesome parents in the world.  But  they truly believed that "If you spare the rod, you will spoil the child!"  They disciplined us (spanked us) as needed..but guess what we quickly learned that if you are well behaved you would not get spankings!  We were well behaved children to say the least & even today I follow rules and I am well behaved : )  !  My parents taught me how to respect authority and I do!  I learned many extraordinary lessons with the same theme ..if you act inappropriately there are consequences for your actions!  This is a true life lesson.  They taught the lesson well.  Could the lesson have been taught without spankings?  Only God knows but it worked effectively and my parents weren't gonna fix it if it wasn't broken!!!
   So tell me your opinion to spank or not to spank?  That is the question!
P.S.  I have never spanked my children because I never had to....
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Look Into Your Children's Eyes and See The Future!"

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     Take a long deep look into your children's eyes and see the future!  Enjoy the view from a loving parent's standpoint!  Take the time to admire the gift that God has presented to you!  Give your child the love and attention that he or she needs to face the future!  Teach them about God who loves them even more than we do!
    We will not always be there to hold their hands!  We won't always be there to protect them!  We however can always be there to give them love!  Love knows no distance!  Therefore, as we begin to loosen those apron strings and we begin to send our little arrows into the world, we realize that knowing and loving God  is the most important, "greatest'  gift that we can give our children!  They are never alone when they have God!
   I admonish you to teach your children about God so that they will have a bigger, better, brighter future!  May God bless you and your families during the holiday season and every day!
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Love In...Love Out!!!"

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     Parents! Here is a great perk for loving your children unconditionally!  They will someday return that love to you! Let's face it from the beginning we love it when I children say the magic words, "I wuv  u" and the world stops!  But guess what?  It gets better and better! When you show your children love you receive an everlasting love!  It is so important to realize that the most important thing you can give your children is love from your heart and love for God!  Because when they are dealing with life battles, God's love and your love are the only weapons they can use!
   Plant the seeds of love in your babies!  Nourish the seeds you have planted with more love as a fertilizer!  Grow those wonderful  little people in a garden of love and one day, every day hopefully they will return the love.  I have total faith that they will! Love in ...Love out!!!
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