Monday, February 28, 2011

"Go For A Nice Walk and Hold Your Child's Hand!!!"

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     Go for a nice long walk and hold your child's hand.  God is providing the most awesome weather and the most awesome opportunities to bond with your children!  God is good and he is truly an awesome God and He creates wonderful environments to show your children how much you love them!  It is time to show your children love in all kinds of ways and a nice beautiful walk can do just that!
    Walks are great for the body because it is a great form of exercise!  Walking improves the quality of your life and it allows you to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the gifts that only God can give!  Share these gifts with your children!  Hold their hands!  The power of a loving touch is a gift from parent to child!  Remember when God created the earth He spoke everything else into existence, but He touched man!
     Show your child your favorite tree, flower, caterpillar, grasshopper, bird, cloud, rainbow etc.  See the delight in their eyes and relive your childhood!  Guess what?  Your inner child is still there!  Although you may have to peel down through the layers to get there!  I admonish you to get there for you and your children's sake!
   Go for a nice walk...share the gifts...see the delight in your children's eyes, hold their hands and experience the love and joy of parenthood...Priceless!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Great Expectations!"

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      Do you have "great expectations" for your children?  Have you told them what your expectations are?  Have you let them know that you love them so very much and that you "expect" them to do great things in this world?  Do tell your children that the sky is the limit? To you tell them to trust and believe in God and that nothing is impossible for God?  Work with me parents! Time is of the essence!  You need to instill expectations in your children so that they will know what expectations are and therefore create their own expectations for a successful future!  Come on parents, this is the least that you can do to assist your children in paving their own awesome futures!
   Have great expectations for your children! Share these extraordinary expectations! Assist your children in creating their own awesome expectations!   Praise God as your children live up to those great expectations!
"May God Bless You and Your Children As You Share Your Great Expectations!"
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Pray for Your Children!!!"

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      Pray for your children each and every day of their lives!  Give them love and affection without ceasing, but remember to take them before God's throne of grace to ask God to send angels to  minister to them and to love on them!  God is a mighty good God and remember our children actually belong to Him.
    Plead the blood of  Jesus over  your children  and over everyone who comes in contact with them.  Ask God for extra special blessings for your babies!  There are extra special blessings that only God can give to your children!  Pray to God for these blessings!
    The blessing is that God loves us and our children so very much and He knows every hair on our heads and their heads!  Therefore we should go boldly to His throne of grace and pray for our babies.  (Remember they will always be our babies no matter how old they are).  Pray for your children and watch our Daddy answer your prayers!!!
May God bless you as you pray for your children!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Happy Valentine's Day---Show Your Kids Your Real Heart!"

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      Happy Valentine's Day!  Tis the season to show your children your real heart! Although in my book it's always the season to show the kids your heart! It is the season to show your children love! (I'm am sure you know it's always the season to show your children love!)...but we will play along with this Happy Valentine's Day Theme!
     Boxes of chocolate are never know what you are going to get!  But it is truly time to show your children that they are loved and appreciated and if you want to celebrate St. Valentine's Day then go for it!  Show your kids your real heart and I bet they will show you theirs!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

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"Show Your Love!!!"

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      I always admonish you to show your love to your children!  I remember when my children were small and I would come into the room where they were playing or seated and I would give them a look that said, "You are the only child in the universe and I love you so very much!  It is truly a look that only a mother  or father can give!  It is one of those looks that is so sweet and loving, your child has to see and acknowledge it!  It is truly the type of look that could literally melt icebergs faster than global warming :-)   !  And the blessing is the child feels all of the love that the look is providing!  The child feels the secure love of his or her parents and that is the priceless result of giving this loving look!
    So remember each and every time you see your child give them that loving look and if you are truly blessed, you will receive that same look right back at you!!!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Protect Your Children!"

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      Parents! I urge you  to protect your children! It is so very easy for children to be harmed!  You may think your children are safe but  you must take all  of the necessary precautions and more to take care of your babies!
      Let's talk about the Internet!  Please warn your children that there unfortunately are child predators in this world, this country, this state, this your neighborhood!!!  Warn them to be so very careful!  When they place information on the Internet you need to screen it!  You have to keep that computer where you can see it and monitor your child's internet activity! If your child has a facebook account must have a facebook acct and you must have your child's password!  You are the parent...You deserve the password, hands down!
   Also restrict the information that your child places on the Internet!  You do not want your child to lead a child predator to your door! Whole names, addresses, telephone numbers  should not be placed on the Internet! Children are very naive and they do not understand!  It is our job to help them understand.  It is also our job to protect our children at all costs.
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