Saturday, June 4, 2011

"An IPad For A Kidney?"

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        Recently I was overwhelmed by the news that a teenager had consented to the removal of his kidney to obtain money to purchase an IPad!   We, as parents must teach our children that their bodies are their temples.  We are all fearfully and wonderfully made and we should not be selling body parts to obtain IPads!!!
     Come parents, work with me!!!  Talk to your babies, love them, show them that they are so special and their body parts are special!  Show them that you care and that every body part and every little hair on their heads are so important!   Let them know when God created them He only created 1 of them...therefore they have to treasure each and every body part because God created that body part for them!!!
Talk to your babies...Preach to your babies...Stand on your soapbox or head if necessary!!!  Just get the point across....Any God-Given Body Part Is Worth More Than An IPad!!!!
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

"For The Love Of A Child!"

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     There is absolutely no limit  to the love of a mother for her child!!!  There is not a mountain to high to climb!  There is not an ocean to deep to swim!!!  There is not a valley too low to travel!!!  And there certainly isn't a river too wide to manuever to keep a mother from getting to her child!  My husband call it a "crazy" love and I confess it is!!!
    It is truly an honor and a privilege to be a mother!  A child is a gift!!! Every person who is a mother really and truly must realize the gift or gifts that God has given her and she must thank God for her gift(s)! She must also treasure her gift and hold her gift close to her heart!  The Love Of A Child Is Truly One Of God's Greatest Gifts!!!
Treasure Your Child(ren)...Treasure Your Gifts!!!
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"Happy Mother's Day!!!" :-) !

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Monday, April 25, 2011

"Plant the Seeds of Love In Your Children Then Watch A Garden of Love Grow!"

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       Recently, my youngest son was required to traveled out of town for an academic competition.  I usually accompany him as a chaperon. I was unable to go with him and therefore I was concerned about him.  To make matters worse he could not locate his cell phone!!! :-(    By the way what did we do before God gave us cell phones? :-)
   Anyway,  I thank God for my sons' close relationship. Everyone knows they love each other dearly and that they are best friends.  My husband and planted seeds of love into our children, but it gives us joy, pure joy to see, feel,  and touch the love that my children give to everyone especially to each other!
    Let's get back to the academic trip.  My youngest son needed to carry a cell phone!    His older brother stepped up to the plate and batted a thousand!  He unselfishly said, " He can take my cell phone with him."  As much as people hate to part with their cell phones, especially son volunteered to give  his younger brother his cell phone!  I was pleased with my son's generosity and display of love! I complimented him and he said,  "Mom it was the right thing to do."
     My husband and I planted the seeds of love but we have received a garden of love in return! We know we are blessed!

 Coming Soon the E-book, "The Greatest Gift"
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

" Jesus ...The Light of the World!

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     Jesus is the light of the world as we all know!  Jesus casts a beautiful awesome light on our lives and He makes everything even more beautiful!!!  Jesus is the only "sinless" person  who has walked the earth! He preached the gospel and He told great parables!   Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected!  He loved us so very much and he died for our sins and we, the believers, are the recipients of "The Greatest Gift!"
    Therefore, we must teach our children...our babies  about Jesus!  We must teach them about His light and how they can reflect his light on a dark world! Jesus is the true "Light of the World!"  Teach your children about God and Jesus so that they can be willing vessels to reflect Jesus' light on a dark world!!!  We can all illuminate the darkness!  I have total faith in us and our children!!!
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

"The Honor and Privilege of Being A Parent!"

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        Do you truly realize that it is a privilege to be a parent?  Do you realize how awesome it is to be able to hold your infant in your arms and watch him/her grow as the most beautiful flower ever?  Do you realize and feel the pure joy of looking into his/her eyes and seeing his/her soul?   Does your heart feel that wonderful warm jolt when he/she says "I love you?"
    Words can not express the joy, peace, love and total  happiness that I experience whenever I am near my children.  It is the ultimate joy and I thank God for the honor and the privilege!
     God in His ultimate wisdom gives many gifts and He continues to bestow these gifts on parents.  I am thankful that He took the time out of His very busy days to bestow the gifts of my sons.  The least that I can do to thank Him for my gifts is to teach my children about Him so that they can benefit from knowing our "Living God."  They will also know about Jesus, His Life, His Miracles, Parables,Teachings and of course, His Crucifixion, and His Death on the Cross.  They will also know about Salvation  (truly The Greatest Gift).
       Teaching our children about God and Jesus is the most important thing we can do to thank God for the awesome gift of our children. May God bless and keep you and your children.
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Monday, February 28, 2011

"Go For A Nice Walk and Hold Your Child's Hand!!!"

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     Go for a nice long walk and hold your child's hand.  God is providing the most awesome weather and the most awesome opportunities to bond with your children!  God is good and he is truly an awesome God and He creates wonderful environments to show your children how much you love them!  It is time to show your children love in all kinds of ways and a nice beautiful walk can do just that!
    Walks are great for the body because it is a great form of exercise!  Walking improves the quality of your life and it allows you to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the gifts that only God can give!  Share these gifts with your children!  Hold their hands!  The power of a loving touch is a gift from parent to child!  Remember when God created the earth He spoke everything else into existence, but He touched man!
     Show your child your favorite tree, flower, caterpillar, grasshopper, bird, cloud, rainbow etc.  See the delight in their eyes and relive your childhood!  Guess what?  Your inner child is still there!  Although you may have to peel down through the layers to get there!  I admonish you to get there for you and your children's sake!
   Go for a nice walk...share the gifts...see the delight in your children's eyes, hold their hands and experience the love and joy of parenthood...Priceless!
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