Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"It's Not About You!"

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       Isn't it amazing to realize that parenting is not about you!!! Wake up and smell the the latte and listen very closely, "It's Not About You!"  It is about your children and the love that you give your children.  It is so amazing when your children are born you can not explain in words why you love someone so small so much!  As your children grow you realize that you love them more and more and more.  Your love grows exponentially each and every day!
      When you think about your child or children, you should think about how awesome God is to give you these wonderful gifts.  He is amazing!  And as you know when He shows up He show out!  I can safely say with my children, My Daddy showed out!
      Therefore, I entreat you to look at your children with your eyes wide open and realize that it is not about you! It's about your gifts from heaven that God only lent you for a short period of time!!!  Enjoy being a parent! For I learned a long time ago that life is all about my children and this realization has brought me immeasurable joy!
May God Bless You for Realizing That It Is Not About You and It Is All About Your Children!!!
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