Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Open Up Your Heart and See, Hear, Touch and Feel Your Toddler's Toddle!"

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   The next time your toddler runs by you, near you or in front of up your heart and see, hear, touch, and feel your toddler's movements!  You will notice their cute little strides!  You will see their fast-paced yet wobbly uncertain steps!  You will see pure joy and happiness!  Place your child's beautiful smile as they "toddle" in your heart and keep it there until they become me you may have to take your  mental digital print out and reminisce :)  !
    Yes, their beatiful joyful run movements will bring tears to your eyes!   Because you love your children so very much and everything they do is so awesome, you will love watching these movements.  Loving your children entails loving everything about them including their toddling movements and once they are no longer toddlers,  these little cute movemnts go away forever!!!
     Treasure your children's lives at any and all stages!
Be Truly Blessed,
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