Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"To Spank Or Not To Spank?"

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    Tell me do you believe in spanking children in order to discipline them?  Yes this is a controversial topic and I am not one who will shy away from controversy!  I want to hear the opinion of others but I truly believe that this "Hot Topic"  must be handled on an individual basis.  You must know exactly who we are talking about parents and children!  These cases are highly individualized!!!
    Take for example my parents.  They were the most awesome parents in the world.  But  they truly believed that "If you spare the rod, you will spoil the child!"  They disciplined us (spanked us) as needed..but guess what we quickly learned that if you are well behaved you would not get spankings!  We were well behaved children to say the least & even today I follow rules and I am well behaved : )  !  My parents taught me how to respect authority and I do!  I learned many extraordinary lessons with the same theme ..if you act inappropriately there are consequences for your actions!  This is a true life lesson.  They taught the lesson well.  Could the lesson have been taught without spankings?  Only God knows but it worked effectively and my parents weren't gonna fix it if it wasn't broken!!!
   So tell me your opinion to spank or not to spank?  That is the question!
P.S.  I have never spanked my children because I never had to....
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