Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Look Into Your Children's Eyes and See The Future!"

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     Take a long deep look into your children's eyes and see the future!  Enjoy the view from a loving parent's standpoint!  Take the time to admire the gift that God has presented to you!  Give your child the love and attention that he or she needs to face the future!  Teach them about God who loves them even more than we do!
    We will not always be there to hold their hands!  We won't always be there to protect them!  We however can always be there to give them love!  Love knows no distance!  Therefore, as we begin to loosen those apron strings and we begin to send our little arrows into the world, we realize that knowing and loving God  is the most important, "greatest'  gift that we can give our children!  They are never alone when they have God!
   I admonish you to teach your children about God so that they will have a bigger, better, brighter future!  May God bless you and your families during the holiday season and every day!
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