Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Bah Humbug! Should Children Be Told That Santa Claus is Coming To Town?"

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   Here's a wonderful controversial topic!  Should children be told that Santa Claus is coming to town on Christmas Eve?  I truly believe it is up to the parents to determine what their children should be told about Santa Claus!  It is so interesting that this decision was taken completely out of my hands!   When my oldest child was 7 years old, one of the teachers in his Christian School decided to tell all of her students that not only did Santa not exist but the name "Santa" and "Satan" had similar letters.  Was I upset? No, not really my 7 year old had basically done the Math and he figured out that Santa could not fit in every chimney and travel all around the world in one night!  But most importantly, he was okay with this information!  Because he was okay, my husband and I were okay!   Yes, the information could have been presented a little better...a lot better but there was no foul!!!
   I was 11 years old when my parents told me the truth!  I still waited for Old St. Nicklaus all night and quickly learned that my parents had lied.  No harm no foul, I loved them even though they had lied! I knew it was truly an act of love!
   I also know that "Jesus Is the Reason for the Season" and I know that I would admonish all parents to teach their children about Jesus!  As far as talking to children about Santa, the ball should always be in the parents court and they should make the decision!  I only want to emphasize that parents mus teach their children about the Birth of Christ because Christmas is truly all about HIM!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Jesus Is The Reason For the Season!
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