Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Click Your Heels Dorothy! You Already Have All That You Need to Succeed!!!"

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     Click your heels Dorothy!  You already have all that you need to succeed in being a good parent!  I want to share a great story about being a good parent, mother or father.  One day a dear friend of mine was praying and she asked God,  "God, why is it so difficult to be a mother?  My friend said God answered her and said, "It is not difficult to be a is difficult to be a good mother!!!  My friend, I agree it is not difficult to be a parent, it is difficult to be  good parent!  But please remember Dorothy, you have all that you need to be a great parent!
     You know as well as I do that love is an essential component  of being a good parent!  Show and tell your children how much you love them!  Can I say this any clearer?  Come on work with me people!!! We can afford to show our children the love they deserve!  They deserve all the love that we can give!   Give this love until it hurts!!!   The love that you receive in return will ease the pain!  I promise!
  So Dorothy, go on click your heels, you already have what you need to succeed as a good parent!!!
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"Happy Holidays!"
"Happy Happy New Year!"-"Another Great Year to Love Your Children!!!"

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