Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Teach Your Children About God and Jesus!"

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    I admonish you to teach your children about God and Jesus!  It is of the upmost importance to teach your children about our Father and our Savior!  We are talking about information that a child will carry with him/her eternally!   Teaching your child about God and Jesus will build a foundation that is strong!  You must also encourage your children to read and obey the word! Teach them the Ten Commandments and let them know that they are not outdated!  Prepare your children for the real world!  They will need God, Jesus and the Biblical word to survive and to live eternally!
    Teach your children about God and Jesus and watch them flourish.  This is the 'greatest gift" that you can give your children, a love for God and Jesus which leads to  eternal life!
Are you teaching your children about God and Jesus?  Why or why not?
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