Monday, May 3, 2010

"Do You Really Love Your Children?"

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     Let's have a heart to heart talk!  Do you really love your children?  I mean do you "really" love your children?  I pray that you have been listening to the words in this blog and I pray that you are internalizing the fact that it is not good enought to say you love your children without showing them how much you love them!  Children are one of our most precious gifts from God.  They need to be loved and they need to be shown love 24/7!
    I admonish you to love your children and to show them how much you love them each and every day of their lives.  What could it hurt?  Better yet, what could it help?  Maybe they will not go looking for love in all of the wrong places!
     I admonish you to be active in your children's lives.  Do not be a bystander! Your child's life is much to precious and they need you!  Do you really love your children?  Then get in there in show your love!!!

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