Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Sweet Tales from Tots and Teenagers!"/"Inquiring Minds Want to Know!!!"

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      When my youngest son was two years old he came to me with a  extraordinary question.  He inquired with an intense look, " Mommy, when God entered the garden of Eden did He walk in or did He fly in?"  Then he declared emphatically, " Mommy you know He had to power to fly!"
    When my oldest was two he also asked a very poignant question.  He asked, "Mommy where were we before we were born?"  "Were we in heaven talking to God?"  Then he said vehemently, "I believe we were in heaven talking to God."
      Recently they both came to me they are now 14 and 17 years old and they are still asking those awesome questions.  They both posed the same questions after studying Anatomy  in their respective classes.  They inquired," Mom do you think when God created the human body he took a lot of time to design the human body and really figure out  how to make each system work so well together  or do you think because He is God He just created our bodies without having to contemplate each and every detail?'
    My children never cease to amaze me with their  wonderful poignant inquiries and I am so pleased that did not ask, "Does God exist?"  Notice at the early age of two they knew God existed and at 14 and 17 they still know He exists!!!!
      My children knowing and loving God and Jesus is truly "the greatest gift" that they could give me!

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