Monday, May 10, 2010

"Mother's Day Gifts That Money Cannot Buy!"

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          My oldest 17 year old son  came to me on Mother's Day and said, "Mom I just really wanted you to know that I love you.'  My heart was touched as I looked int o his gorgeous brown eyes and witnessed pure love pouring out of his eyes, heart and soul!"  I almost cried!  Yes, my sons tell me that they love me all the time and I feel the love but this moment in time will always be held in my heart!  It was a very spontaneous ans special moment and I was pleased and I told him that I loved him too!  I told him thank you and I would place his gift in my heart and keep it there eternally!
     My youngest son really surprised me with his gift!  He is now 14 years old and he amazed me!  I had not experienced this type of joy since he and his brother were little tykes!  He gave me 100 kisses for Mother's Day on my cheek and I experienced pure motherly love and joy as I giggled through my heartfelt kisses!
     I am truly a blessed woman, but more importantly I am truly a blessed mother!!!
     I praise God for the honor and the privilege of being a mother!

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