Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Our Children Are Not Our Children!"

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    Our children are not our children!  They belong to our Father in heaven.  Our children are only lent to us to care for them and to nurture them.  God is their Father and no one, not even mothers love their children as much as God loves them.  He knows every hair on their heads!  That is why it is so very important to teach children about God and Jesus. The knowledge will surely improve the quality and quantity of our lives and our children's lives.  Parents used to spend a lot of time teaching their children about God and now this is almost a thing of the past!  I want parents to teach their children more about God and now truly is the time!  The world needs strong enlightened Christians!
       Who do you think takes care of our children 24/7 even when we are in and out  in their vicinity?  It is God our Father!  The all-knowing, omnipotent Father is truly an awesome God! Realize that He is the best parent they could ever have!
      So nurture the precious lives  that God has graciously allowed you to oversee.  Give them all the love you can muster up and present them back to our Father and know that God loves us and our children more than words can say and He will bless you and your family in return!!!

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