Monday, April 12, 2010

"Are Your Children Saved?"

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     My poignant question for today is, "Are your children saved?  It is very important for your child to be saved!  Accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is one of the best, most exciting, and awesome decisions that a person  can make!  Let's face it, you really want to see your children again!
   I admonish you to sit  down and talk to your children about God and Jesus.  They need to know that God  loves them and will never leave or forsake them and they really need to know they will never be alone.  You children must also be told that Salvation is truly a gift frim God.
    We know that this is a divine appointment! I have faith that you will talk to your childre and  give the greatest gift (Salvation) today!  I know that  Salvation can be only poured into a willing vessel!  Encourage you children to be willing vessels!!!!
       Time is of the essence and tomorrow may be too late....

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