Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Are You Being A Good Parent?"

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     I recently wrote a blog about my friend who was talking to God and she asked God, "Why is it is so hard to be a  parent?"  God answered  and said "It is not hard to be a parent, it is hard to be a good parent!"  My question is a poignant question?  Why are you not being a "good" parent? "What is keeping you from loving your children?  Are you that stressed?  Talk to me get it off your chest!    I want to hear from parents and I want to hear it all... I want to hear reasons why you are not being  good parents and I want to hear the reasons why some of you are being  good parents.
     There will be many revelations because no matter how you feel, you are not alone and maybe just maybe the parents who are not being good parents, can learn from the parents who are being good parents.
I am looking forward to your responses! Be Blessed

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