Monday, February 7, 2011

"Show Your Love!!!"

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      I always admonish you to show your love to your children!  I remember when my children were small and I would come into the room where they were playing or seated and I would give them a look that said, "You are the only child in the universe and I love you so very much!  It is truly a look that only a mother  or father can give!  It is one of those looks that is so sweet and loving, your child has to see and acknowledge it!  It is truly the type of look that could literally melt icebergs faster than global warming :-)   !  And the blessing is the child feels all of the love that the look is providing!  The child feels the secure love of his or her parents and that is the priceless result of giving this loving look!
    So remember each and every time you see your child give them that loving look and if you are truly blessed, you will receive that same look right back at you!!!
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