Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Great Expectations!"

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      Do you have "great expectations" for your children?  Have you told them what your expectations are?  Have you let them know that you love them so very much and that you "expect" them to do great things in this world?  Do tell your children that the sky is the limit? To you tell them to trust and believe in God and that nothing is impossible for God?  Work with me parents! Time is of the essence!  You need to instill expectations in your children so that they will know what expectations are and therefore create their own expectations for a successful future!  Come on parents, this is the least that you can do to assist your children in paving their own awesome futures!
   Have great expectations for your children! Share these extraordinary expectations! Assist your children in creating their own awesome expectations!   Praise God as your children live up to those great expectations!
"May God Bless You and Your Children As You Share Your Great Expectations!"
"All Comments Are Welcomed!"
"Coming Soon The Gift Book,"  "The Greatest Gift"

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