Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Protect Your Children!"

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      Parents! I urge you  to protect your children! It is so very easy for children to be harmed!  You may think your children are safe but  you must take all  of the necessary precautions and more to take care of your babies!
      Let's talk about the Internet!  Please warn your children that there unfortunately are child predators in this world, this country, this state, this your neighborhood!!!  Warn them to be so very careful!  When they place information on the Internet you need to screen it!  You have to keep that computer where you can see it and monitor your child's internet activity! If your child has a facebook account must have a facebook acct and you must have your child's password!  You are the parent...You deserve the password, hands down!
   Also restrict the information that your child places on the Internet!  You do not want your child to lead a child predator to your door! Whole names, addresses, telephone numbers  should not be placed on the Internet! Children are very naive and they do not understand!  It is our job to help them understand.  It is also our job to protect our children at all costs.
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