Friday, February 5, 2010

Teach Your Children About What is Right and What is Wrong and They May Surprise You!

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     Love your children each and every day and teach them about what is right and what is wrong! But most importantly teach them about God and Jesus! Teach them about God's Biblical laws!  Teach them about what is good and what is bad.  Teach them about reputation and the building of a good reputation! Teach them about morals and manners!  Tell them even though man may not care if they have morals andgood manners, God does! Guide them and direct them and they will return your investment, a thousand fold!
     Recently I went to New York with my teenage son.  We were discussing back room deals for purses and basketball shoes.  My son informed me that my husband and i had spent a life time teaching him that that type of activity was wrong and he would not engage in that type of activity!  I told you they will surprise and amaze you!  You will be blessed !  I was and I continue to be very  blessed!

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