Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Do Not Take Your Child's Life For Granted!!!"

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     Do not take your child's life for granted.  In the normal scheme of things, parents do not outlive their children.  However there are times when children may precede their parents in death.  I admonish you to watch your children carefully and note any changes in their behavior that may signify that they are not feeling well.  Ther are many stories about children who go to sleep and do not awaken.  I did not undertake to write the blog to scare you! I am writing this blog to inform you!
   Recently, I was informed of one incident where the child in the specific situation presented with common symptoms of stomach flu!  The child was vomiting but after an anti-emitic medication was administered the child's condition became worse.   The child was hospitalized and was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Do not assume anything about your child's health status.  When the enemy can not attack you he will go after your children!
    Do not take your child's life for granted! You are their to watch over your child and to take care of your child.  They need your love, your affection, and your sensitive intuitive eyes and ears!   Give them all they deserve and more!

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