Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Pray for Your Children Without Ceasing"

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     Please continue to pray for your children and everyone who has  contact with them.  Pray for their health and pray for their happiness.  Pray for each and every one of your children.  Pray for them before they leave your home and pray for them when they are not in your home !  Pray for them every time you think about them.  The enemy knows that your children are so very important to you and he knows that if he cannot harm you, he can harm your children.  Protect them!  Our children are not our children!  They are God's children!  He gives us the privilege of being parents, however they are His children and He wants them protected!
     Pray for your children without ceasing.  They deserve the love, care,  health, happiness, and protection that only God can give!

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