Monday, April 25, 2011

"Plant the Seeds of Love In Your Children Then Watch A Garden of Love Grow!"

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       Recently, my youngest son was required to traveled out of town for an academic competition.  I usually accompany him as a chaperon. I was unable to go with him and therefore I was concerned about him.  To make matters worse he could not locate his cell phone!!! :-(    By the way what did we do before God gave us cell phones? :-)
   Anyway,  I thank God for my sons' close relationship. Everyone knows they love each other dearly and that they are best friends.  My husband and planted seeds of love into our children, but it gives us joy, pure joy to see, feel,  and touch the love that my children give to everyone especially to each other!
    Let's get back to the academic trip.  My youngest son needed to carry a cell phone!    His older brother stepped up to the plate and batted a thousand!  He unselfishly said, " He can take my cell phone with him."  As much as people hate to part with their cell phones, especially son volunteered to give  his younger brother his cell phone!  I was pleased with my son's generosity and display of love! I complimented him and he said,  "Mom it was the right thing to do."
     My husband and I planted the seeds of love but we have received a garden of love in return! We know we are blessed!

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