Wednesday, March 30, 2011

" Jesus ...The Light of the World!

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     Jesus is the light of the world as we all know!  Jesus casts a beautiful awesome light on our lives and He makes everything even more beautiful!!!  Jesus is the only "sinless" person  who has walked the earth! He preached the gospel and He told great parables!   Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected!  He loved us so very much and he died for our sins and we, the believers, are the recipients of "The Greatest Gift!"
    Therefore, we must teach our children...our babies  about Jesus!  We must teach them about His light and how they can reflect his light on a dark world! Jesus is the true "Light of the World!"  Teach your children about God and Jesus so that they can be willing vessels to reflect Jesus' light on a dark world!!!  We can all illuminate the darkness!  I have total faith in us and our children!!!
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