Monday, June 14, 2010

"Pets Are People, Too!"

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     Pets are people too!  Pets are also great for children!  They are usually lovable and loving and they give your child an opportunity to show their love in very wonderful, awesome, great heart warming ways.  They also teach your child to be unselfish, caring, loving, gentle, and they teach them respect for beings that share this wonderful world with them!
      I admonish you so select your pets wisely and always protect your children first!  We had cats for many years and when my children were really small I would not leave them alone with my cats.  There was never a probem (My cats were more afraid of my children!).  However, your children must always be first and their protection and welfare are your  number top prorities!  Consult your child's pediatrician and always let him/her know when you introduce a new pet!
     Give your child the opportunity to know the love of a great pet, a gift that will keep on giving!!!
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