Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Our Children Are Our Future!"

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    Our children are our future!  You make the choice!  Do you want our future controlled by people who are clueless about God or do we want our nation to be ran by people who know God?  This is really not a question!  We do not have any options!!! We must raise our children to love God so that people will have better lives!
   We  have a duty to teach our children about God and Jesus!  We have a responsiblity to teach them about a Father who will never leave them or forsake them!  We have to teach them about Jesus, the only sinless man, who walked the earth, and how He died a horrific death for our sins, so that we could have eternal life!
   We have to teach them about eternal life, our "greatest gift!"  Parents, "our children are our future!"  Prepare them for the future!!!  Teach them!  Time is of the essence....
Are you doing your best to teach your children about God and Jesus?
Are there any reasons why you are not teaching your children?
Do you need any information about how to teach your children?
Do you want to know how my husband and I taught our children over the years?
All comments are welcomed!!!!

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