Monday, March 8, 2010

"Teach Your Children How to Forgive and Forget!!!"

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   It is so very important to teach your children how to forgive and forget!  Forgiveness is a powerful tool!  It is a necessity to forgive others for the wrongs that they commit against you.  It is detrimental that you forgive others because  it is the right thing to do and you are literally blocking your blessings from God!  God wants you to forgive others for their retributions against you! He wants you to open up your heart and mind to others who treat you wrong!  He wants you to forgive and forget the sins of others exactly like we want Him to forgive and forget our sins!  So how can we expect Him to forgive our sins when we won't forgive others of their sins commited against us? Think about it and realize that we need to show a little grace and mercy too!  Take the high road and teach your children to forgive and forget.  Besides, the person who mistreated you probably has forgotten what he or she did and has moved on.  You are the only one wasting your precious time, spinning your wheels, losing your sleep and blocking your blessings! Learn to forgive and forget and teach your children this valuable life lesson!. 

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