Monday, March 22, 2010

"Choose Your Battles!"

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Dear Parents!  I admonish you to choose your battles! So many times we engage in these battles with our children especially, teenagers and we realize whatever we were disagreeing about was not really that important!  I want every parent to love their children more.  I want every parent to show and tell their children each and every day how much they really love them.  Every child is special and every child deserves love!  But let's face it sometimes teenagers live on the edge and if we engage in petty disagreements with them, we can push them over the edge or they can push us over the edge!  Is it woth it?
    It is time for us to take the high road.  Someone has to be the grown up and end the negative interactions.  So many times when we are arguing with our teenager we say hurtful things that could possibly last a lifetime.  Don't do this to you or your child!  Life is too short and you really want  your child to visit you now and definitely in the future when he or she is an adult and they can and will choose who they will visit.  Buy (visitation) insurance for the future!
    Don't get me wrong I believe some battles are worth fighting and I believe as a parent you must choose your battles wisely!!!

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