Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Miner Details!"

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     During the recent Miracle in Chile, did you see the pure joy on the faces of the people who saw there relatives face to face after their harrowing ordeal in a Chilean mine?  Did you perchance see the faces of the miner's children? There faces were bautifully etched in my mind forever and I actually saw so much love that it was overwhelming!
     God is such an awesome God and in His infinite wisdom to restore all 33 men back to their families is truly one of the most awesome miracles I have observed in my lifetime!  I am so thankful that he returned so many fathers to their wives, parents, relatives, and friends but I am extremely delighted that he returned these fathers to their children!
    May God continue to bless the Miracle Miners, their families, friends, and chidren and May God bless all readers!
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