Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Love Your Children Unconditionally and Show Them Often!!!"

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      You must love your children unconditionally and show them that you love them each and every day of their lives!  You know that every being on earth needs and requires love! So why are your children any different?  Your children need your love and if you are not giving your children you need to figure out why with a quickness!!!
    Trust me, you do not want them to look for love in all of the wrong places!  Heaven forbid that your child seeks the love you are not giving with friends who are not very nice people!  Children are only lent to us for such a short period of time to be children!  They eventually grow up and we need to equip them with what they need to survive!  Trust me they need our love to survive!
   My parents gave me so much love and most importantly they taught me about God and Jesus and I knew I was never alone.  Even though they are deceased, I know that I will never be alone because God and Jesus will always be with me!
     Love your children unconditionally,  show them your love often, teach them about God and Jesus and equip them with what they need to survive in this world!!! It is your duty, your job, your responsibility!!!
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