Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Have You Hugged And/Or Kissed your Child Today!"

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     Have you hugged and/or kissed your child today?  Have you told them that you loved them?  Have you told them how they make you smile? Have you told them how they make your heart feel each and every time that you look at them?  
Here are a few other poignant questions?  Have you yelled at your child today?  Have you hit your child today?  Have you ignored your children's questions or refused to spend time with them?  Think about these questions and if you are guilty of any of the bad parenting infractions...This is where the rubber meets the road!  It is time to make  positive changes in your life and in your children's lives!
    If you are not loving, truly loving your children, it is not too late!  Please for the love of God love your children and show them your love each and every day.  Kind words, loving arms, and kisses never go out of style!  Love your children today,,, For they are only children for just a shortwhile....
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