Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Tell Your Children that You Love Them Every Day!"

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     Tell your children that you love them each every day of your life!  Your children are the wonderful, awesome gifts from God and they deserve your love and affection.  They also need to hear those three magical words from their parents!  Children are always looking for signs that their parents love them.  When they find that love in their home they do not have to look for love in all the wrong places!
     Give your children breaks, cut them some slack!  Give them what they want, need and crave... your love and your acknowledgement of that love!  But remember words are not enough , you also have to show your children you love them!  Actions really do speak louder than words! If you have any reason why it is difficult to tell your child you love him or her e-mail me!  We can find a way to make those three magical words take on a life of their own!!! Let's make it happen!

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